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There are three type of reports.
Basic (Insta Check) – This provides only the Overall Couple Compatibility Test Score. This is a score out of 100 and made automatically through our algorithm.

Standard (Quick Report) – This report provides Couple compatibility across different Aspects apart from Overall Compatibility. Also, this includes comparison vs. Other successfully married couples. This Couple Compatibility Test report is also automated.

Premium (Full Report) – This provided all in One Quick Couple Compatibility Test Report+ customized Couple Compatibility report for individuals. This included possible area of conflict Compatibility and guideline for how to tackle those. While first part (Quick Report) will be common for you and your prospect(s), the Customized part will differ as this would be personal recommendation to you. So your prospect(s) doesn’t see what you have been recommended and vice versa. All your Couple Compatibility reports will be accessible in Dashboard in your Profile section.

We need details of Couples for conducting the Compatibility Test . Thus it depends on when your proposed partner also fill in the details. Insta Check and Quick Couple Compatibility Report are automated and hence available immediately. The Full Couple Compatibility Test Report is available within 2-3 working days after receipt of details from Couples.

The Full Couple Compatibility Test report is prepared with minute observation of the profile of the Couples. The experts go through the details individually and personally curate the Compatibility reports and suggestions. Thus it takes time. Having said that, our goal is to provide the Compatibility reports at the earliest possible time. Based on the trend so far, most of the reports are usually available within 2 working days.

Yes, you can. However, each has to be initiated separately.

No. You already have your profile ready. All you need to do is send invitation to your new proposed partner. However, if you have your profile not updated in a year, you may need to update the profile.

No. You already have your profile ready. All you need to do is send invitation to your new proposed partner. However, if you have your profile not updated in a year, you may need to update the profile.

There is no back checking process followed by Couplink once couple compatibility test is done. We work on faith that if people are investing both time & money and aiming towards a better part of their life, they would be honest in providing the details.

We are making it clear as responsibility of the proposer to seek permission from proposed partner before processing the information for compatibility test . If you get a mail with link which you are not aware of, please ignore that. While Couplink won’t be in a legal position to sue that person, we try to restrict the stalkers/ fraudulent person by taking payment upfront.

Yes, why not? In fact we would encourage to know the Couple compatibility and possible areas of differences to make The relationship work well.

No. As of now we are not into wedding planning nor do we have any tie ups.

Since most of you would be using our service for once or twice (though we wish you may not), we thought of not increasing clutter of your mobile.

Almost all tools that are available uses only few attitudinal measure to check the Couple compatibility. However, after extensive research, we know that it takes much more than that for a successful marriage. In India it is even more complex due to our cultural diversity and strong family values. Thus we at Couplink use a holistic measure driven model and compare with a strong database of successful married couples. The model includes important aspects (like education, profession, upbringing, age gap etc.) of the proposed couple individually as well as their family members. The importance of different aspects are also derived through analytics and considered in the model. This gives a proper Couple compatibility, not just based on the proposed couple but the two families. To top it up, Couplink will provide suggestions to make the relationship even better.

Philosophically, nothing can be guaranteed. The Couplink Compatibility Score is provided based on the details you & your prospect fill in. Compatibility score of more than 60 should result in successful marriage. Having said that, there are couples who are successfully married even with lower compatibility score. So it is important to invest time in a relationship. Please go through the recommendation our experts provide in the report. Also, the comparison with other couples would provide you a sense of likelihood of successful marriage.

No. The scores are derived based on the details you fill in. People do change over time. This can happen fast or slowly. So while a couple is very compatible now, might turn up differently later on. Alternately, there are couples with differences initially but work on the relationship to make a wonderful marriage. So it really depends on the individuals. What Couplink is trying to do, is become a facilitator in the process.

The database is created from an exhaustive survey across India, statistically robust enough to provide in depth analysis and creation of norms.

While our Compatibility Testing model tries to capture essence of our life some the aspects are very much private. Thus our model does not incorporate any medical incompatibility. Also though seems funny, there are some personal habits like snoring, talking while sleeping etc are out of our purview.

Your information is safe with us. The personal details we collect from you for the Compatibility Test, stay with Couplink and not shared with any other organization without your consent. Also, the information captured are usually ‘non identifiable’ in nature. The payment is done with secured payment gateway by Razorpay (one of the leading payment gateway provider).

No. Neither will you get to know the details of your proposed partner. You will get to know the overall and sector wise compatibility and recommendation.

The payment is to be done beforehand, as per the availed services. The payment can be done through Debit/ Credit Card, Netbanking, Wallet or UPI through via secured payment gateway by Razorpay.

Our website is SSL certified and thus completely safe to use. The payment is done with secured payment gateway by Razorpay, one of the leading payment gateway providers in the country.

No, the price mentioned is for both of the proposed couple.

Yes. It is for your easy reference. You need not fill in the details every time you want to check compatibility. All your reports are accessible digitally on the go. You can view your reward points and can redeem while availing our services.

No, creating an account it free. You pay only when you check compatibility with your proposed partner. Please refer to Reward section to understand how you can get free report free or at a discount.

You can check Couple compatibility with as many proposed partners without filling in your details every time. All compatibility reports are available on fingertips. You can refer friends to Couplink and earn reward points. You can modify your details later on if there is any update.

You can just drop us a message and we will remove your details from our database.

When you register on Couplink, you get a referral code, which you can share with your friends or you can invite friends directly from yourCouplink Profile. If your friend registers on Couplink with your referral code you earn 10 points. There is no limit in number of referrals. The points you can redeem to get Basic Check (30 Points) or Quick Report (50 Points) and a discount in Full Report.

As of now, the reward points can be utilized on Couplink only. We are in talk with few partners where you can utilize the earned points for discounts. We will update on this.

Choose your Compatibility Package

At COUPLINK, we have carefully designed three different packages for you to check your compatibility.



Basic Package



Overall Compatibility



Lite Package



Overall Compatibility

Compatibility on different aspects

How do you stand vs. other couples



Premium Package



Quick Report

Identification of possible conflict areas

Guidelines to address those

Choose your Compatibility Package

At COUPLINK, we have carefully designed three different packages for you to check your compatibility.

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